Some of the teacher monitored the students who were assigned to decorate the stage for BP MyScience officiating ceremony. They share ideas about the selected theme with the students.

The theme colours are green and yellow which adapted from the BP’s logo and the theme is ‘Flora and Fauna’. The backdrop which is green and yellow in colour decorated with flowers and butterflies and some flower pots with flowers arrange in a row along the backdrop. The rostrum which will be used by VIP to give speech was also decorated with flower pots.

Why do they choose ‘flora and fauna’ as the theme? Nowadays the species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct . It can be said that everyday, approximately 50 species of flora and fauna are destroyed because of various factors. As we all know, flora is the ultimate producer of oxygen.f they are extinct, where WILL can we get OXYGEN?

The stage was decorated with a banner which is ordered exclusively for this proggramme while for BP logo’s where designed by Form One students .

This  stage was decorated with ‘Flora and Fauna’ theme.