On Friday (May 20, 2010), two selected students who will represent our school for the Solar Boat Competition together with The Science Society held a meeting. The meeting was held at the school canteen from 2 to 4 p.m. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss about the process of making a solar boat. A polystyrene which was wrapped with plastic was used to make the skeleton of the solar boat. Meanwhile, the mast was made by using a wire.


We used only two solar panels to ease the boat movement. We will create a 350 mm boat which will have less friction, so that the boat will move smoothly. Hence, students were asked to bring polystyrenes and bottles on Monday. Apart from that, students were requested to make their own model.

Student that will be going to Ma’a Daerah, Terengganu are:

1. Mohd Shaffri b. Shamri

2. Mohd Faiz b. Mat Fuad

3. Nur Fatin Syahirah bt Norsaidi

4. Norfazilah bt Zamahuri