The Carbon Challenge session started right after BP MyScience Challenge opening ceremony way launched. The Carbon Challenge sessions started at around 10.00 o’clock in the morning and it was held at SMK Bangsar main hall.

The sessions was conducted by En. Ahmadi( BP Financal Controller/Website/Field Trip Manager).

The session and modules lasted for two hour. The Carbon Challege module was consist of:

−What do you know? – 30 minutes (30 minit)

−5 questions related to carbon footprint, fossil fuels science   elements and Group Learning – 1 hour (1 jam)

−What have you learn? – 15 minutes (15 minit)

−What do you think? – 15 minutes (15 minit)

−TOTAL = 2 HOURS (JUMLAH = 2 jam)

Para pelajar didedahkan dengan isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan  Carbon Dioksida. Sebagai contoh apakah kesan peningkatan Carbon Dioksida pada bumi dan alam sekitar.

The students were exposed to issues related to Carbon dioxide. As an example, students now know the effects of the increase amount of Carbon Dioxide towards earth and the life form on it.
A lot of beneficial information was gain through the Carbon Challenge module which was held for two hours.

It is hoped that BP representative will come again in the near future to give many more information and knowledge regarding our environment.

Thank You BP!!!

Everyday Is Earth Day

En. Ahmadi is explaining about the Carbon Challenge

Students are listening attentively